Everyone has untapped potential...

Media Training, Presentation Training, Writing Training

To excel in business, individuals must speak confidently and effectively. Some people have natural ability, but no one starts out as a master communicator - it takes hard work.


Whatever your skill level, JL Insight Communications can help you become the confident, exceptional communicator you'd like to be.


We help professionals maximize every communication opportunity: print and TV media interviews; video podcasts, presentations and client pitches;  team meetings, roadshows and board meetings.

Effective communicators achieve greater professional success. By building stronger relationships with the media, clients and colleagues, success will follow. ​​


To explore how JL Insight can help you and your company, email info@jlinsight.com or call 1 212 918 4563


​Jean Lavin is a former financial journalist committed to helping individuals and companies use communication to achieve their goals. For over a dozen years, she has helped clients become confident, effective media spokespeople, writers and presenters.

Live/Virtual Training

Media Training for Print & TV

Presentation Coaching

Pitch Preparation & Delivery

Writing Coaching

Customized Programs including 

*Client Relationship Building

*Panel Appearance Training

*Message Development Workshops​​​

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Dynamic, lively one-on-one or small group sessions with a strong emphasis on developing robust messages, and improving the delivery of those messages. Coaching is practical and immediately applicable.