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About JL Insight Communications....

A small consulting firm based in New York, conducting onsite and virtual sessions. We'll work hard to develop you and your team's communication skills.

Jean Lavin
Founder, Consultant & Coach


Jean offers communications advice and coaching to a wide array of financial services firms and to professionals in other industries including law, technology and real estate. She is recognized for her skill in helping individuals and companies d​evelop me​ssages that resonate with the media, their clients, external audiences and internal stakeholders.

She has prepared hundreds of executives at Fortune 100 firms for high-profile print and TV interviews, podcasts, presentations and events, business pitches and board meetings. ​Jean also has developed and delivered programs that sharpen the writing skills of analysts and other business professionals.
Prior to her career in communication coaching, Jean built up a strong expertise in business and financial news as a senior fixed-income capital markets reporter at Thomson/International Financing Review (IFR). Earlier in her career, Jean was a top salesperson at Thomson, and Decision Economics, led by noted economist Dr. Allen Sinai. This combination of journalism and sales/marketing experience gives her a unique perspective on how messages are developed and received.

Jean graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz, where she majored in Communications and English. 
Please email Jean at or call 1 212 918 4563 to discuss your communication needs.





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