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Our Approach

Our one-on-one or small group sessions ensure that participants get hands-on practice, customized to their specific needs and challenges. ​​

Robust message development is at the core of what we do - without strong content, delivery can fall flat. We are expert in helping people build strong, compelling messages that will resonate with a variety of audiences.
Sessions are lively, interactive and challenging - not a lecture.​ ​Standard sessions are half-day or full-day, but we customize longer or shorter sessions as well. For those executives in leadership roles, we design tailored one-on-one coaching programs.
Whether you are articulating a vision, cultivating relationships with the press or influencing & motivating people, communication coaching can help you and your company achieve those goals.
Please contact Jean Lavin to discuss your communication coaching needs at or call 1 212 918 4563 or 1 718 640 6802
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